Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My age is 27 and my weight is 69 what me do?

pleas give me diet chart

Answer on My age is 27 and my weight is 69 what me do?

all depends on your height

http://www. merthyr. gov. uk/NR/rdonlyres/3…

i take you mean 69 kilos not pounds!!!!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to get more followers on twitter?

I really want more followers. Everyone else have at least 1000. Please help me. http://twitter. com/StoneColdAshley

Answer on How to get more followers on twitter?

Just tweet about interesting things. Don't be overly boring... when people get boring I unfollow. Idk if it would work but you could follow a bunch of random people.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Football player's mostly or anybody who knows?

Right now I'm 15 yrs old(still in 8th grade sadly), 6'4 and around 280-285 lbs which is pretty bad if I want to play Linebacker but. Are there any Football player's or professionals that know what kind of workout plan/diet I can do to lose weight and build muscle on pretty low income? Right now I'm in my school's boxing club trying to build my endurance and there is no Football for middle school here, I'm passing with straight A's because I don't want to ruin my future career... But anyway I need to know what I can do to lose weight(I have a slow metabolism). And after I run(from boxing or p. e or at my house) my left and right leg's on the inside calf area hurts really bad and throbs, I can barely walk, and it just feels like it's exploding if you can answer that too thank you, and I hope someone can help me with this problem.

Thanks for the responses

Answer on Football player's mostly or anybody who knows?

You're pretty all around pathetic.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Why were the following turning points important in World War 2?

1) Battle of Stalingrad
2) El Alamein
3) Invasion of Italy
4) Invasion of Normandy

Answer on Why were the following turning points important in World War 2?

1) Stalingrad ('42-43) showed a) the Germans could be defeated [the entire German 6th Army was cut off, surrounded, and destroyed], b) the Red Army had matured and had developed into a potent fighting force, c) it became obvious that Hitler's strategic vision had no substance, and d) in general, the days of German advances were at an end.

2) El Alamein (late '42): Rommel's Afrika Korps was soundly defeated and put on the defensive, chased out of Libya into Tunisia, soon to be squeezed between the British advancing from the east and the Americans advancing from the west. El Alamein gave the British a major military "hero," in Montgomery.

3) Invasion of Italy ('43) knocked Fascist Italy out of the war, and ensured that Hitler had to divert significant forces to counter the Allied advance up the "boot"--thus preventing them from being available for use in either France or in the east against the Soviets. Attacking in the Mediterranean allowed the western Allies to gain experience in fighting, leadership and cooperation, which served them well when they finally invaded in France.

4) The Normandy invasion ('44) was the long-awaited "Second Front" which culminated in the liberation of northwestern Europe, and began the western half of the big squeeze of Hitler's remaining empire {Soviets were already pressing in from the east].

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Justin Bieber ?

Answer on Justin Bieber?

fu cking amazing<3
his songs may sound baad but once you start listening to them they actually have some meaning and there soo catchy. They get stuck in your head(:
sure he looks like he's 12 but at least he looks like a cute 12 year old :P loll.

Need Internship Ideas?

I'm at university at the moment studying a bachelor of international studies, majoring in International Relations and minoring in History. Next year I will be required to do an internship, and I am looking for ideas of companies to approach.

I'm from Victoria, Australia and would prefer to do one overseas, England, South Africa, Germany, France and Italy being ideal (although I only speak English so the last three may not be very realistic) just wondering if you have any ideas about where I could do an internship!

Thanks in advance.

Answer on Need Internship Ideas?

Hey there...I actually did an internship abroad last year in Asia (specifically India) because it is a growing economy. Tons of Aussies were there as well as Brits too. I'd recommend going to India because it's going to look really good on your resume, it's super cheap, and really beautiful. We traveled a lot on the weekends to untouched forests, ancient ruins, dance villages....and the nightlife was really good too. I went through Leave UR Mark and they have several opportunities on the website and also find custom placements. My food and housing was arranged by them so I didn't really need to worry about preparing for much. Good luck! http://www. leaveurmark. com

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What countries in Europe has ancestry that consist of people with brown hair?

To keep it simple, what countries do people have heritage to that would have their hair brown in Europe. I was told by someone it is mainly Italy and Ireland, but I've been seeing a lot of blond and fair hair people from those countries, as well as various other parts.

Answer on What countries in Europe has ancestry that consist of people with brown hair?

Mediterraneans typically have dark brown hair, which includes Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, France, Turkey (it's almost Europe), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, and Croatia. Much of Eastern Europe also has lots of brown hair, like Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. Germanic people often have darker hair as well, including Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech, Switzerland, Germany, and Belgium.

In other words, most of Europe.

The blondes come from Angles and Saxons, norse, and other scandinavian bloodlines and are mostly found in Britain and Scandinavia.

There are dark haired and fair haired people in every European nation now, mostly due to centuries of immigration and intermarriage.

For example, the original Italians and French were lighter skinned and had lighter hair than they have today, same with the Greeks. The Greeks got their darker color from interbreeding with the Turks, and the Romans got theirs from Persians and North Africans and passed some of it on to France.